Garage Door Repair Toronto

With prompt and expert services, Garage Door Repair Toronto guarantees customer safety and satisfaction. Whether you have an overhead or one-piece door, it must offer easy access and thus convenience. If there is a problem with the opener, call us. If the reverse mechanism is not working, you won’t be protected. With fast Toronto garage door repair services, our company is fixing problems before they become safety hazards. We are also here to install the new door you choose, replace the opener, offer maintenance, and take care of all needs.

We provide garage door repair in Toronto rapidly

We do any required overhead or roll up garage door repair in Toronto, Ontario, in a timely fashion. Aware of the negative effects of malfunctioning doors and problematic openers, our techs arrive to your property quickly to troubleshoot the problem and provide the solution. We service all large brands and any door type. So you can rest easy that the job will be performed with diligence. From adjusting the door and replacing the damaged parts, our garage door repair Toronto pros do what they must to address the problem.

  • We service branded openers ranging from Craftsman chain drive motors to the most advanced Liftmaster and Genie belt drive opener systems. Rely on us to do garage door opener repair promptly and replace the outdated or damaged opener in a jiffy.
  • Call us to cover your local garage door springs repair needs. We replace and install both extension and torsion springs and will be there to do the required spring adjustment.
  • If the cables are broken, the tracks have fallen out of alignment, and the rollers are rusty, we will fix or replace them quickly too. Our pros will do any repair needed fast and will be ready to replace broken parts on the spot.

Contact our garage door service company for maintenance

After years of offering preventive garage door service, we can inspect & tune up any door. The intention of this service is to keep the door functional and hence prolong its lifespan. When the door works fine, you are safe and deal with no problems. So, our techs perform safety inspections by checking the reverse mechanism, the springs, the safety sensors, and the release cord. We check the cables, make sure the tracks are aligned, and lubricate all steel components. Our maintenance service also includes lubrication and any repair required.

Our experts install garage doors properly

You will also need the assistance of our Toronto Garage Door Repair when you want to change the door. Let us offer you solutions and many options among the best garage doors found on the market. Our pro can give you an estimate, an expert opinion, and all the help you need. The new door is installed by expert technicians and when it is the right time for you.

Choose our Garage Door Repair in Toronto for your service needs. From a new door installation to opener repair, all services are done promptly and with your safety in mind. Call us if you need our assistance.

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